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This is our mini photo gallery!!!


The first half term is offered as an optional ‘pay as you go’ so you can see how you get on without any obligation.

I.D.T.A. graded ballet exams are offered every year .

Grade classes run for a full hour and are held at the Yeovil Dancentre. Pupils are trained by Joanne Rowland.

This music was used for the finale of our Snow White Ballet Performance  at  our dance showcase.

Y.D.C. hope to see you joining our ballet classes soon

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On the 20th of July 2014, the Yeovil Dancentre raised £941.80 for Flying Colours Charity. The dancers performed all types of dance and  featured the ‘Snow White’ Ballet.

We are proud to have worked with Flying Colours and are grateful to all those who bought tickets, donated raffle prizes, the helpers and the dancers themselves. Most of the pictures in the gallery are from this.