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Adults Social Ballroom and Latin…

For adults, Ballroom and Latin is the best choice. The teachers at the Yeovil Dancentre take pride in their work, especially Nigel Allen who loves teaching his social classes. So come and enjoy a dance with a partner and have a laugh at your favourite place to be - the Yeovil Dancentre.

 Social to Competitive?  

Then progress to different classes before starting Supadance competitions. (Also for children). Be part of a encouraging team to help you along the way and win trophies.

See Supadance page for more information.

We offer lessons for weddings,  celebrations, or for fun, just for you.  So please, we welcome you to our dancentre where every friend is made, laugh is heard and smile is encouraged - the Allen School of Dance. (Also known as YDC.)

M              G

I                A

N              L

I               L


P             R

H            Y




For children, see the  Ballroom and   Latin page…