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This is our mini photo gallery!!!

MUSIC - Nicest Kids In Town , from Hairspray - used for ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.

This bubbly music is what you could be dancing to when you come to our Dancentre. This is one of the three types of dances (not always this song) - Rock ‘n’ Roll. However, freestyle is faster and more athletic whereas, slow dance is slower and more balletic.

FREESTYLE and more…

Learn set routines to some of the latest club, show & street music. These classes include solo and double routines.

Also included in these classes are highly energetic

Rock 'n’ Roll routines (with a partner) with jumps, kicks, lifts and flicks.

When you have mastered these routines you can progress to your own competition style routines and enter competitions in Solos and Pairs Freestyle,

Rock 'n’ Roll and Slow.


If you enjoy the Freestyle classes and have the talent and dedication then you may be selected to become a member of a team performing highly advanced routines and compete nationally in some of the top competitions.

(For an easy way to ask, go to the contact us page and put in a comment, question and more).

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