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At our purpose built dance studio our classes in ballroom and latin dance styles (as seen on Strictly Come Dancing) are very popular. In these you will experience the ballroom dances waltz, foxtrot, quickstep and tango and the latin dances cha cha, rumba, jive and samba, starting with the basics and progressing to choreographed routines, even with no previous dancing experience. If you already have a basic understanding of dance you would be able to join one of our intermediate dance classes depending on your ability, advancing your dance style further.

Dancing at the Yeovil Dancentre is a great opportunity for children to make friends and learn a hobby which will improve their fitness, learning skills and prevent evening and weekend boredom. The well trained, caring and dedicated teachers at the Yeovil Dancentre will ensure that the children are taught to a high standard and will enable them to reach their full potential. It is important to us that the children enjoy their dancing and this can be seen by the number of pupils

who join us at a very young age and stay until they are adults.

Parents are welcome to stay and watch their children dance, take their own dance classes - beginners or expert, talk to other parents and have a drink.  For a lot of parents the social side of meeting and making friends with other people can be almost as important as the children's dancing.

But it’s not just for children. Social dancing for adults is just as important. Once you have learnt to dance, you can take it seriously and compete at any age or just come to weekly classes or have a hour ‘s private lesson for fun,

so come along and start this week!

Ballroom and latin dancing…

Our main dance focus as on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ - come and learn to dance socially or enter competitions and take medal tests  if you wish-

have fun, and be part of our wonderful community in our very own, family  dance school. Be part of a team as well as entering couples competitions if you wish- or to be sociable.

Freestyle formation team, solos and pairs…

Be a part of one of our two formation teams, bring a friend along to be a pair, and work up courage by performing solo.  

We also offer rock ‘n’ roll and slow dance.

Street dance  formation team…

Take part in our Street team, solo or street duos.   

Come along and join us in competitions and demonstrations today - we will be glad to teach you.

Mel 07929 048 843

Nigel 07702 402 225

Ballet Classes…

Come to our I.D.T.A. ballet classes.  Recently we took part in our own production of Snow White and with fabulous dancers,

we raised £941.80 for Flying Colours!